A photographic project by the Newport Photography Guild entitled "48 Hours In The Life Of Newport, RI"

Photo by Kathy Caswell


 We’re looking for eye-catching, emotive pictures of Newport, RI, within a window of time, 48 hours on July 29 and 30, pictures that will create a time capsule of life in The City By The Sea in the summer of '17. They can be pictures of anything, people at work, at play, on the water, in the backyard, and of course, splashing in the waves. Landscapes, architecture, portraits, whatever. Just make them emotive, arresting, telling. The challenge is to capture a memorable slice of life in Newport, RI, within the time frame allowed. Anyone can enter, teens, adults, old people, up to ten (10) color or black and white images.

  •     Shoot dates are Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, July 30
  •     All pictures must be posted to Flickr group “48 hours newport ri”
  •     All pictures must be posted within 7 days (Sunday, midnight, August 6).
  •     Selected pictures will be used on the Newport Photographers' Guild website as a slideshow.
  •     Selected pictures may be used in a book called "48 Hours In The Life Of Newport, RI," all proceeds go to a Newport charity.
  •     Photographers may be invited to participate in an exhibition of the work at a later date, proceeds go to a Newport charity.
  •    Be sure to provide your contact email on Flickr!

You must post your pictures to our group, "48 hours newport ri," on the Flickr website. You must be a member of Flickr.com to post. It’s free to join! Once a Flickr member, you can post from your computer, or  phone or pad (Apple or Android) (Download the free Flickr app) Go directly to our special group to post: https://www.flickr.com/groups/photo_guild/

Our official group name on Flickr is “48 hours newport ri” (caps or lower case ok).  Post your pictures here so they will end up grouped with all of our other Newport 48 Hours Images. Leave contact information when you create your membership.

Finally, please share your Flickr images to your FaceBook page using the arrow icon at bottom. We are hoping our Newport Photo Guild members get behind this project and we have an especially strong posting!

Kathy Caswell and I are leading the charge on this project. You can contact us by email: janthephotoman@gmail.com  phone 441-5517, or katcas325@gmail.com  phone 862-5483, 

Click to enlarge sample images from Day In The Life Of America, and elswhere:.