iPhone apps & the creative process

A workshop about the transforming your iPhone images


iPhone photography can be more than just pushing the big white button. 


The amazing iPhone artist Karen Divine said “I don’t see the world in a literal way so for me to take a photograph of something I can already see is very uninteresting… You don’t want to just look at the image and “get it,” you want to look at that image and really wonder. Like, what is that person trying to say, or how did they do that?”  http://www.karendivinephotography.com,

This is a workshop where your images will meet inspiration. Because abstract art doesn’t have to be an accurate representation of the subject, you have the freedom to be as creative with your photo editing processes as you wish. Using inexpensive apps, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Dream it and you can do it on your iPhone or  iPad. 

We will work with a variety of alternative cameras to extend the limits of what is possible with the one in your iPhone or iPad. You will learn how to transform your pictures using powerful editing apps. You will discover the art of compositing two or more images to create an altered reality. In our class we will employ different “workflows”that make using these apps easier. 

You will work exclusively on your iPhone or iPad. Newer models work best but older devices can be used as well. 

Some of the apps we will use in class: Camera+, Histamatic, AveCamPro, Snapseed, Adobe Mix, Juxtaposer, TouchRetouch Lenslight, and Diptic

Workflows: Hipstamatic, Snapseed, Adobe Mix, Juxtaposer, and Touchretouch

Small classes, a maximum of twelve participants accepted for this workshop.

You can see samples of my work on Instagram  - @janthephotoman

Questions, call Jan at 401- 441-5517