Fine art photography and education.

Here is a slide presentation of some of the homeless and/or hungry folks among us. These are the faces of people we don't see, "the Invisibles", people who have been left behind. All are poor. Many are alone. They carry all of their belongings on their backs or in a bag. Few have a family or any safety net.  Many are physically or mentally ill. Some are substance abusers. Others have suffered domestic violence or worse. But after all is said and done, they are people, with hopes and dreams, just like you and I. All of them want a decent place to live so they are not homeless any more. As Babacar said, "We may be homeless but we are not hopeless."

These images were made at the Mathewson Street United Methodist Church in Providence during the Sunday Friendship Breakfast, a morning meal served to hundreds of people in need by an army of volunteers. You can hear several homeless people speak about what it is like to be homeless HERE