Admittedly, here are way too many pictures from our recent road trip through western Oregon, photos byJan and Kathy Armor. It's a beautiful state, and that's an understatement. We found friendly, laid back folk wherever we went. We saw beautiful landscapes everywhere. Bandon and Crater Lake were two highlights but there was breath taking scenery at every turn. The Dairy Parade and Rodeo were just plain down home authentic. Our hosts at the Powder Creek B&B, Brenda, Dennis and daughter Hillary were so generous and so kind we wish we could go back for a visit every year. Romeo, their pet turkey, lived up to his name and fell for Kathy, following her around like a puppy dog wherever she went. Portland is a most livable city that is easy to navigate. We discovered many excellent restaurants, coffee shops, with good public transport, and real bike lanes.The only downside here were the many homeless people living outdoors in every park and doorway. It was so sad to see this, a problem that really needs fixing. Click to enlarge.