Comments from students and friends

Really enjoyed re-reading these blog posts and seeing a new one… It’s really brilliant work, I’m so impressed by the loving care you put into these “portraits“, as your portrait of somebody includes sharing their story, not just ones picture, I just love it. You give voice to so many of the voiceless! Through your following, there are compassionate ears and eyes who see the pictures and hear the stories and want to make a difference. Thank you Jan...

“What's your story?” workshop at WAA was instructive, thought provoking, challenging, and fun. It pushed me to think about the direction my photography could go and be more satisfying. Jan was fully engaged and provided thoughtful constructive feedback.Sandra Saunders 

I liked the way your course fused the technology of using the i-phone with the art of photography. For me to continue this path would be very rewarding. Spending more time learning to take better pictures would be interesting. I plan to put an extra effort into this in the next few weeks in Ecuador. It is a very photogenic society and environment. And puttting some effort into creating books or shows. Not just having 15K photographs somewhere in the cloud. Dennis Migneault

I really enjoyed your workshop and gained a lot out of it. I liked how you went over the technical aspects of the camera first and then gave us assignments. I thought your approach of getting people to work with each other when they had technical questions was great. I loved looking at each other's work and then discussing how the shot could be improved. If I had any recommendation, it would be to make the class 2 parts- the first to teach the technical aspects of the camera (like the class you already have), and then a second course (people would be required to have taken the first) to practice using those new skills/knowledge and to discuss composition and editing at greater length. The learning comes in the doing. Your fledgling photographers need more time to develop. Mary Froman

Jan, I wanted to thank you again for all of your expertise in teaching this class.  As I said,  you formatted this class perfectly by giving us good visual experiences with the camera in our phones so that personally I felt comfortable using what you taught immediately after each class.  Having the time to photograph artifacts and scenery in and out was also very helpful.  And you were so kind to “shadow” us all giving suggestions and tips. I really enjoyed this class but also feel you took a personal interest in all our successes. Thanks again,  I hope to see you in one of your future classes!All the best, Mary Papenforth

Hi Jan, First of all, thank you for an amazing course!  It was great meeting you and the rest of the iPhone group.  Adding your course to the overall Preservation Society’s learning program was a true home run – and it is my hope that the PS will continue with this.  You not only engaged the group and exposed us to new ways of using our camera and the editing tool, but you also helped us go beyond what we usually see when taking photos.  Overall, you transferred your great knowledge and passion for photography to the group, and by being a terrific mentor you brought out the talents of each group member.  The pictures in the shared album are a testament to this. Christina Agnew

Jan, I found your class to be fun, accurate and informative. iPhones have a great camera and with your help I can now confidently use most of its features. You seem to highly enjoy your work and take pleasure in sharing your vast knowledge and experiences. You don’t take yourself too seriously and have a great sense of humor. You generously praise others and give your students an active role. Relationship building is essential in teaching and you excel in this element!  You regularly offer to provide after class help and it appears to me that you may have adopted the mantra, “How can I help you.” I will look forward to my next class with you and I am sure others feel the same way.Victor Ventura, Retired Elementary School Principal

Hi Jan,  I throughly enjoyed the course, because it was challenging...more so than ever for particular the new areas of exploration, toes, then a story, the a mystery, then a personal story, nastalgia, and lastly a personal project ..Walking through each of these concepts really pushed me into unknown terrority....the outcome of each assignment resulted in the need to study, analyse, and incorporate new approaches to get the outcome I desired, and the more I pushed the less clever I got...The selected material presented during class and the links provided for research help to draw me out of my protective shell and move outwardly to new realms of expression....Also, there was genius on your part picking the project concepts for each of them had challenges unique unto themselves, yet overlapped in a common denominator, that is to take a photo about something, not of something....Keep your eyes sharp and your back strong....Jim 

Jan always does a great presentation. Creative presentation. Enjoyed the unique group of photographers Jan selected. Truly widened my perspective. It was wonderful to learn the behind the scenes operations and background of the photographers. Very interesting photographers with a unique eye and techniques used. (from "Unknown Photogrpahers Series)

Liked the class very much. I learned so much about my camera. The amazing technical abilities and the ways to make more interesting photos thru Point of View, Editing, Change of Position and Tell a Story. Can't wait to experiment. Jan is an excellent instructor. Fabulous class and great venue. Loved it. Terrific class. Excellent class, learned a lot.

The two day Blithewold Flower Workshop led by Jan Armor was easy going and extremely informative. Jan has such a nice manner, is encouraging and he brought out the creativity in all of us attending! We experimented with several different techniques and were able to see a power point of our work during class with tips and suggestions for improvement. A truly delightful class, thank you Jan! - Candace Morgenstern

The two morning spent recently at Blithewold Gardens with Jan Armor’s photo class were a memorable learning experience!  Jan set the scene, gave us some tips and suggestions and let us loose in the gardens under his watchful eye.  Everyone came back with unique images to share.  Day 2 found us reviewing images and enthusiastically creating ethereal images on numerous light-boxes.  A great class all around!   - Sandra Saunders

Hi Jan, Thanks so much for a great workshop!!! we all enjoyed it and we will have better pics going forward… I tried Lightroom and photoshop for 1 year and found it very cumbersome so I'm happy to have another tool in my brain to edit with! keep me posted, I'd love to take your floral class at Blithewold next year!!! - Holly McDonough

Jan Armor is a very knowledgeable instructor on all things photography. This was a superb learning experience; very enriching. I hope it will be offered again as so much work went into the organization of the course and the selection of the photographers reviewed. Very interesting; a real visual delight.

This was a superb learning experience; very enriching. I hope it will be offered again as so much work went into the organization of the course and the selection of the photographers reviewed. Very interesting; a real visual delight.

Jan Armor is a very knowledgeable instructor on all things photography, Great Photographers You Should Know was a wonderful eye opener, with a great variety of photography and even filmmaking of not-so-well-known professional photographers. The variety included landscapes and cityscapes (some very painterly), portraits of people (some famous, some not so) and animals, Camera Obscura (where the outside comes inside), black & white, color, digital (where imagery becomes surreal). We went inside the darkroom (figuratively) and witnessed digital manipulation of present day. We learned about the background and inspiration thru short bios of the fine artists covered in this class. This course was complete! This course was inspiring. Can’t get enough of this sort of class. Kudos to Jan Armor! He is very informative yet relaxing in his presentation and draws in the class for discussion (sometimes rather animated)!

Jan is a wonderful teacher and he is one of the most sincere and real person that I've met! Course could have been even longer

Excellent course would have liked more sessions. Exceeded my expectations. Great slides and wonderful information. Terrific presentation

The instructor is very knowledgeable and invests a lot in the development of his courses! I hope he will teach many courses as he has so much to offer.

Will definitely take further courses offered by Jan Armor. Thanks OLLI !

Excellent class. Wonderful choice of photographers. Very organized presentation with lots of variety of information. Thanks again!

Would love to continue this course next year. Fabulous presentation

Hi Jan, Great to meet you, and thanks so much for your inspiring course on lesser known photographers.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn’t change a thing in your manner of presentation. "Great Photographers You Need to Know was a wonderful eye opener, with a great variety of photography and even filmmaking of not-so-well-known professional photographers. The variety included landscapes and cityscapes (some very painterly), portraits of people (some famous, some not so) and animals, Camera Obscura (where the outside comes inside), black & white, color, digital (where imagery becomes surreal). We went inside the darkroom (figuratively) and witnessed digital manipulation of present day.  We learned about the background and inspiration thru short bios of the fine artists covered in this class.  This course was complete! This course was inspiring.  Can’t get enough of this sort of class. This was a very informative yet relaxing in presentation and drew in members of the class for discussion (sometimes rather animated)!” Donna Gustofson 

Hi Jan, This was an amazing course and I feel lucky to have signed up for it.  I really enjoyed how you constructed the course, in terms of how you organized the photographers to whom you introduced us, Tthe mixture of first person narrative, critical commentary and the photographer's images themselves, and also your sharing of your own perspective and experience to guide us in our viewing. I hated to miss the session on April 10th, but you softened that for me by providing me with the links to use to learn on my own, for which I thank you. This was a truly enriching course and very visually satisfying.  I hope you get to offer it again so others can have the same rich experience we did and I do plan to go into the links you provided to see even more of the work of each photographer. As a teacher I can see how much work went into the construction of the course, appreciate the hours it must have taken to determine which photographers to include, which videos to show, which images to highlight for each photographer.  The time you dedicated produced an remarkably rich learning experience for us and I think that you could see that both the photographers and laypeople who enrolled in the course really enjoyed each of the sessions.   Thanks so much for giving us such a wonderful gift, Nancy Cloud

Jan, Want to thank you for a really wonderful informative course.  It exceeded my expectations.  I'm not a photographer but enjoyed every minute of your slides and presentation.  I learned a great deal about these unknown artists.  EXCELLENT.  Hope you do another course, I would definitely sign up.  Carol Buglio

Loooooved Lovvvved the class!  I thought it was going to be mostly on how to use my i phone camera, but it was so much more! Yes, and I thought Jan was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of photography.  Extremely valuable teacher because not only is he current knowing the i phone and software enhancements, but he knows the history of photography  actual film photography. I found that when Jan posted photos to the share file, I was able to see what the program was capable of.   I was extremely happy about the content. If there was class #2 of this one….I would take it!!! Jan’s Apps Creative classes were very good...Although I am a first timer using an iPhone, by the end of the third class I was proficient using the In camera capability’s of the iPhone, including filters, locking, and portrait mode, and more...also, the basics of using the photos app to import, organize and share was excellent….  Paula Rudolph

Jan was precise with pre class outlines that prepared me nicely for each addition to preparation outlines, post class summaries provided additional information and links to instructional material and tutorials Jan’s examples enabled me to think more creatively, that is to say, looking at the options that could evoke a story out of a story less photo Becky and I had a wonderful experience ...thank you Wickford Art and Jan - Jim Sattel

I would attend another iPhonegraphy class with Jan! There is much to learn and the group was wonderful. Thank you Jan and Wickford Arts Association for giving us a great class! Very inspiring and helpful.  -  Judith Gengler

Hi Jan, The class on Saturday was excellent!  You do such a great job preparing for the classes and I always learn so much!  The hands-on aspect is very helpful.  I was so inspired by the class that I got my husband to go kayaking the next morning at sunrise so I could try implementing what I learned in the workshop. This is the third class I've taken with you and have learnt so much from each one. Thank you, Debbie Mattia

Jan, You are a good teacher and the handout is helpful for people with memories like me Your class was awesome...learned so much now I have to download iOS 11. Kathleen Royles

Mr. Armor was extremely knowledgeable but able to transmit info to 'newbies' without condescension. Very organized but able to be flexible. I would take ANY course he teaches!

The course was taught hands on which helped . Their Is so much to learn perhaps a next level could be taught by Jan. Fantastic!!'

I think Jan is an excellent teacher. I never felt embarrassed asking a question. He was very patient with inquiries. I would definitely take another class with him! Some of us took a little longer to "get on the same page" so although he was patient, it's important that no one feel left behind.

iPhone Class, 6/24/17 - Just wanted Warwick CFA to know how much I enjoyed the class with Jan Armor yesterday (June 24) re:  iPhone Photographs. Jan is a terrific photographer and has an excellent eye. He's also really good at presenting the information and adapting it to the varying needs of participants. I hope Jan will have an opportunity to teach an advanced class in the future and personally, I'd be pleased to even have something ongoing over the period of 3 or 4 weeks, so I could get feedback on honing not only my technical skills, but on sharpening my eye for taking a worthy photograph. It's wonderful to get a good photograph, but it shouldn't happen only through dumb luck. After taking Jan's class, I'm much more aware of that fact. Wendy Warburton

Taylor Terreri, Director Warwick Center For The Arts - I just wanted to say that Jan Armor's class on the Art of the iphone on Saturday was great. It exceeded my expectations in the way that Jan taught the class, the information he provided and the hands-on help he gladly offered. Please let me know when he offers another class. Thank you, Bonnie Moore

Taylor Terreri, Director Warwick Center For The Arts - This was one of the best classes I have taken. Jan was SO patient and we all learned so much. Each of us came with some knowledge (all different!), and he encouraged us to share. He held our attention throughout. Jan has SO MUCH expert knowledge and encouraged us in so many ways. He knows all the ins and outs of taking fine photos on an iPhone. And, as he says, the film is free. Okay, so that's what I call a "grandpa joke."  I came home and told my friend Judy Droitcour and she said she loves him, he took all her family photos. Who knew? I WOULD GO OUT OF MY WAY TO TAKE MORE CLASSES WITH JAN AMOR. He is a terrific photog and doesn't flaunt his skill. He is a good person.  (I just wish he had a memorable email address--only kidding.) He has lots of ideas for future classes, and I want to take them all. Thanks for booking Jan - Nancy Rowett

Dear Taylor, I had the pleasure today to have attended the workshop "Art of the iPhone" by Jan Armor.  I have been a student of Jan's previously, and was thrilled, as a member of WCA, that you were able to engage him to teach this class.Everyone who attended agreed that it was a very beneficial class and surely worth the fee.  We all agreed, whatever our experience with iPhones, that we left the class with a new prospective of what we will be able to accomplish with our phones. We all agreed, also,  that we would like Jan to teach other classes at WCA, which offers a comfortable and very convenient setting for those of us , especially , who live in the Warwick area. I look forward to future classes with Jan at the Center and thank you for lp providing this opportunity. Barbara Decesare

Jan, As I mentioned to you personally, this was a GREAT class.  I didn't know how much I didn't know about the iPhone until today  and came away with a new perspective. As you always do, you made the class so enjoyable as well as educational. I look forward to more of these.  Thanks!, Barbara Decesare

Taylor, I am writing to thank you for offering today's Art of the iPhone Workshop presented by Jan Armor.  The information provided by Jan was well organized and extremely useful.  The three hours of instruction felt more like ten minutes.  The registration fee was money well spent.  Great class! Stan Dimock




(iPhone Class 6/10/17) You packed a lot into 3 hours for sure.  I'd look for the URI version sometime in the future - thanks for mentioning it. I think it was great that we learned the functions on the camera in classroom, then got to practice and test some skills in different areas of the complex with your guidance. I think the class size was just right - small enough for individual help (as we are all at different levels) I like having the written handout  and that you didn't "read from handout"  (which we can do on our own) but taught without it - referring to it as needed. Love the facility - maybe they will get wifi !! I learned a lot  - gridlines (though I knew the rule of thirds),  countdown timer, shutting flash off, composition tips You moved along at a good pace and mostly I was able to keep up - I don't remember all the details/techniques but know where to look if needed. Love that you use the phone camera for travel (professional) photography - planted the seed that I'd like the bigger phone next time - simply for the camera! Enjoy, Be Well,  Karen

Very good. Give more time for questions. Great. Learned so much. More classes. Learned more than expected. Very knowledgeable. Class was fun. Using TV screen was helpful. Assignments and in-class exercises were helpful. Great basic iPhone class. One of the best seminars. Highly engaging. Effective teaching style.Very informative. Great teacher. Very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed it. - Comments from Circle of Scholars participants in an iPhone class at Salve Regina University, 2017.

Jan, First, thank you very much for everything.  I really like your informality, helpful hints, and deep knowledge.  Ihad no idea what I could do with the iphone camera, so that was a big help.  I have been jammed w/work, so really didn’t do much to implement what you taught us. (Art Of The iPhone) The last thing: your enthusiasm has perked me up into wanting to do more…..and I think, as a former teacher, that is a great result!  Many thanks.. hope to see another class….  Audrey  Grimes

A delightfully informative and hands-on session on how to turn the iPhone into a most versatile camera. Thank you.  Iris Jacobs

Without a doubt, you have given me new vision a whole new way of looking at the world around me...the change is so evident....I can't thank you enough...looking forward to next semester.... James Clayton Sattel

I found the classes very inspirational in terms of thinking outside of the camera iPhone box.  I liked the size of the group.  I liked going outside with our iPhones and playing with different parts of the camera.  It would be wonderful, I think, to have a session where each of us can pick two of our own photos to share with the group and get a critique.  And, find out which apps were used from the iPhone to edit their photos.
Loved the class.  And, always like to laugh here and there.  Gloria Dahl

This was one the best classes at Wickford Art Association. (Art Of The iPhone) Not only do you get a really good look at the technology of the iPhone, but you get to explore the world of available apps to enhance the artistic quality of your images.  Now you don’t just se the image, but the possibilities it holds for the "iPhoneographer.”  Can’t thank Jan enough for his knowledge, humor and excellent teaching style. Kate O”Kula

Thanks for the class. (Art Of The iPhone)  I am a casual pocket-phone photographer with no aspirations of being anything but a casual pocket-phone photographer, so my view may be different from that of others, but for me it was just about right in terms of length and content. Maybe a little more time exploring the various apps - I had no idea what a world of photo apps there is out there! But your tips about composition etc. were very helpful to me, and that in itself made it worthwhile. Jim Patterson

Jan.......I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and I've gained a tremendous appreciation for the iPhone camera. Perhaps with another session, you could have gone over in more detail the use of the picture adjustments built into the phone itself. 
All in all, a great experience. (Art Of The iPhone) Ted Bierwirth

Jan, Last night you opened up our hearts and eyes with your amazing photos and tender/ from the heart narrative. Thank you.  It was exceptional.  
I've learned so much from you and have loved our time together.  Elizabeth Browning Jackson

Jan, thank you so much for an outstanding workshop. It is a pleasure to walk the grounds of Blithewold with you and absorb so much of your knowledge about photography. You have a gift for dealing with people and you truly make learning fun. I have tried for years to learn about aperture and shutter speed and in one lesson with you I know more than I thought!! I am so glad you use all that knowledge to teach those of us who don't quite see what you see through the lens. Two workshops with you were not enough - I'll be back for more! Christine Dole, Program Chair
Garden Club of Buzzards Bay

Dear Jan: Excellent class this past Wed @ Blithwold. Your quiet approach with pointers, tips & instruction instilled confidence using a camera and light. It was a de-light taking the class; now I just need to keep practicing! Thanks for a great morning. Ruth Furman

Hi Jan, My daughter, Angela, and I were really glad that we participated in your iPhonography class today. The outside photoshoot was fun.
Thanks so much again for the wonderful class today!!-- Kunio & Angela

Jan, Between our one on one's and our amazing trip to the High Line, I can see growth in my development as a new photographer, and I credit you for that.  You inspire me through your work and your belief in mine.  You're a steady flow of wisdom that I try to lap up like a hot dog with his water bowl on the sea wall.  :)   Thank you!  Shana  P.S.  Did that dog really pee on you?!

Jan, It was a great honor to meet you and your wife. Your compassion and sensitivity shows both in your art and support of the homeless. I went on your web site.  Incredible landscapes, trees are spiritual, portraits so sensitive but my personal favorite is floating in the water.....extraordinary!
Thank you for yesterday and your time looking into cameras. Again, thank you.  I completely understand Jody's praise for you. Not only a great photographer but teacher as well.  Elizabeth Browning Jackson

Between our one on one's and our amazing trip to the High Line, I can see growth in my development as a new photographer, and I credit you for that.  You inspire me through your work and your belief in mine.  You're a steady flow of wisdom that I try to lap up like a hot dog with his water bowl on the sea wall.  :)   Thank you! Shana Geitl

Circle Of Scholars - "Better Travel Photographs"  Jan came to class prepared. Lots of examples,great extra reading references online. Communicates with students online as needed. A perfect class, just wish it was longer.I learned so very much. I would recommend this class to my peers."

"Excellent class, great to have my creative work looked at and commented on by a renown expert."

"This was a wonderful seminar that taught me a lot about photography. Rather than just "take" pictures, it has taught me to compose scenes, find a point of view and observe lighting and shading."

"Wonderful job! I loved the standby me music, so perfect! And I'll say it 1000 more times, those portraits that you capture are incredible!  The smiles that you get out of people show their true beauty and personality despite the often weatherbeaten and rough looking shell that they's a real gift that you have with your Sunday friends.  And what can I say about Kathy, she was simply amazing last night. She spoke from the heart, so beautifully… I was so impressed by the entire presentation.  You truly capture and honor the work that so many people are doing to support those in need. Thanks for everything Jan."  Scott Budnick, Sunday Friendship Breakfast, Mathewson Street United Methodist Church, Providence, 

"That was a wonderful similar that has taught me a lot about photography. Rather than just taking pictures, it has taught me to compose scenes, have a point of view, and observe lighting and settings. Very grateful for this seminar. It has forced me to learn my camera, software program and lighting." (From Better Travel Photographs - comments by undisclosed participant.)

 Hi Jan, First, John and I want to thank you for a really enjoyable class in which we learned many,many tips to help capture memorable vacation photos.In fact, we have been passing along your tips to captive audiences whenever we summon them. Also, I was  especially touched by not only your photos at the soup kitchen, but your words about our homeless population, too.  An awakening.  Thank you.                                                Regards, Mary and John Hirschboeck (Better Travel Photographs at Circle Of Scholars Workshop)

Hi Mr. Armor, It is Leticia Rozul, PHS '88 grad with your daughter Jen. I have been living on Long Island, NY since I went to college here however I visit my parents in Portsmouth often. I wanted to let you know that I am very moved with all the stories I am reading on your page. Keep up the great work and beautiful pictures. You are making a different and thanks for sharing the stories of others doing the same. Take care of yourself. Be well. Leticia

Jan, you are a dream! The way in which you document what happens Sunday mornings is incredible and invaluable. Thanks for everything. PS: I really love the pictures that you took of me and my daughter. Best, Scott

Hi Jan...I just wanted to thank you so very much again for yesterday. It was time well spent!!!! It honestly was the happiest day for me personally that I've had in a very long time. I left feeling encouraged and inspired. Hopefully, I retained all the great instruction :)  Your are a wonderful teacher and I am full of gratitude that our paths have crossed.   Namaste, Sonja Lamoi

On the Sunday Friendship Breakfast Facebook page:  "We want to extend a very special thank you to Jan and Kathy Armor for their tremendous contributions to the Friendship Breakfast! Jan is an extremely talented local photographer and artist who has spent countless Sundays at the Breakfast taking portraits of the individuals that attend and / or serve at the Breakfast. He always comes back the following Sunday with prints of the photos to distribute. For many, it has been years since they have seen a photo of themselves, and it serves as an affirmation that they count....that they matter! Jan has a blog and has also created several short videos highlighting the Breakfast and raising awareness about hunger and homelessness in Rhode Island. In addition to Jan's photography, Kathy has been attending the Breakfast every Sunday to help serve in the kitchen and they held a warm clothing drive in their neighborhood and donated all of the collected items to those that attend the Breakfast. Thank you Kathy and Jan, you are truly making a difference!" Brook Ashley

"Dear Jan, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the results of my new camera and your instructions. I have taken 351 pictures on the new camera and most are bad but there are also a lot of good ones.  I am just so happy for your willingness to give me instructions and appreciate your visit with me so much."  Carole Penn

"Hi Jan. I am one of the regular volunteers who attends the breakfast on Sundays. I frequently attend with my oldest son Jonah.  I am also responsible for the face book posts about the breakfast. I wanted to highlight you and Kathy and your tremendous contributions to the friendship breakfast and to the individuals that attend.  Your work is amazing and we so appreciate your interest and the community awareness and consciousness raising that your photos are creating."  Brook Ashley  

"Hi Jan, Granting you (photo) access has been one of the best things that has happened to the breakfast in the past year.  You and Kathy are a welcome addition to the crew, and what you provide does brighten peoples days and raises awareness for sure!  So thank you! Just looked at your most recent blog posts and video, great stuff....I love the photograph of the little boy holding the spoon, it looks so gigantic in his hand...nice work." Scott Budnick

Comments of "Seeing Well" at Edward King: Jan conducts a relaxed and informative class. Everyone feels considered and appreciated. Jan encourages paticipants to do just that, participate-take up your camera and shoot. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Seeing Well: "Opened a whole new world to me. Seeing differently."

"What a powerful email.  So many of us should just stop complaining that life is bad. Well, just realize that just being able to endure the day is the goal for some people.  You're doing a timely, important series of photos and stories.  Although I didn't throw away old, unused clothing when I moved, taking clothes to the homeless shelters is a better idea.  I'm going to look at my winter clothes to see what I have that can be useful for someone else." Sue Wermuth

Thanks for reminding us we have a lot to be grateful for and we should all help in some way to those less fortunate.  Culling one's closet is such an easy way to help others. I'm forwarding this to my friends.

Thank you so much for sharing. This is a wonderful blog spotlighting the homeless problem here in the U.S. with compelling images. As a social commentary artist my work focuses on many social issues. I have been inspired by you to create a blog inspiring others to take action.
Simone Spruce-Torres, Program Directo, Warwick Art Museum

"I arrived home to some great news!  In the photo contest at Wickford, all 3 of my entries were accepted PLUS the driftwood received a Judge’s Award!  I am, of course, thrilled!  And I thank YOU most of all!  It could’t have happened w/o you.  Thank you." Avis O'Neil

"Jan, you've made a point of how you approach a photo subject and how you establish rapport.  But at the end of the day, you have a gift for being able to elicit the essence of your subject.  I went over the photos in your video again with the purpose of finding that special trust between subject and photographer.  You can urge that kind of presence, but you can't teach it - it's either there or not!" Jim Sammons

Thank you so much for the wonderful class and for your skill which you so generously shared with all of us. It was a great class and I learned a lot and I got some very useful ideas in how to SEE WELL. I'll be watching for your next class." In gratitude, Charlotte-Brown

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class on Saturday. I'm so glad I finally got a chance to learn how to use my camera! I appreciate how you found time to give us all some personal instruction. Your approach is encouraging and supportive. I am inspired to develope my skills and just keep taking pictures. I look forward to another class with you."
 Janet Hawkins

"The photography course that you taught at Blithewold yesterday was most helpful.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to learning again from you in the future.  Thanks again."  Caldwell Smith

Hi Jan,  The class was wonderful, thank you so much. I intend to go back some day and explore during different times of day/evening/seasons. I always enjoy your classes and walk away with more knowledge.  xoxoxox, Gina Campbell

"I just about cried when I watched your slide show.  It speaks volumes. You are such a gifted storyteller, and your photos reach way beyond the numbers."                       Cindy Elder, Director of Communications, RI Food Community Bank

"Thank you so much for such an inspiring and informative session this week!  I am so impressed with your depth of knowledge and your willingness to help. I have waited a very long time to explore photography and I am grateful for your encouragement, support, and direction."

"Once again I thank you for a wonderful lesson!  I don’t know how you can retain that
wealth of information and so brilliantly convey it.  It is truly a gift!  Any success I realize is due to you!  Thank you so much.  I am indeed fortunate." Avis O’Neil

“I want to thank you for opening the door for me to enjoy photography. I loved it! The weekly assignments were very challenging for me and I times I felt frustrated, but found your comments to be very helpful and encouraging.  The handouts were excellent.  Our class was lots of fun and classmates bonded well. Your knowledge is excellent and I look forward to more classes with you!”  Doris Whitley

“I doubt it because really good teachers are born, not made. And that brings me full circle - you are a born teacher, an instructor who has an intuitive sense of how much, how fast, and where your students are in the continuum.  I thank you for all that you do, have done, and will do for those who would master your craft.”   Jim Sammons

“Although just a beginner I feel encouraged to continue learning more about making better pictures.  You are always very well prepared and teach at a good pace.  Always approachable and usually kind. Loved the class!!”  Helene Scoia

“I just realized you are the photographer of the Tree Society's Living Legends: The Trees Of Newport.  I have never been able to send one of those note cards b/c I want them myself.  I have them lined up on a shelf and just notices your name as the photographer. I think those cards are wonderful and bring beauty and peace to those who look at them.”  Sheila

“Dear Jan, Thanks so much for a delightful morning of learning new tools. You are an excellent teacher, have a well-balanced approach and I am thrilled with my newfound skills. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents. I can hardly wait to apply masks, textures or just do better dodge/burns as I progress through working on old and new images. “ Sincerely,  Jane Rogers

“I heard this aphorism recently: "may those of us who have the gift use it wisely." This certainly applies to you. It made me think of what a gift of vision you have and how well you have applied it through your art.. Among the many things I am grateful for, I count the joy of experiencing the world through your lens.”  John DiLeo

“As I’m sure you know, your teaching is terrific. You are sensitive to people’s feelings when you evaluate their pictures. All the evaluations have been constructive, letting the individual know what he/she has done right and then suggesting ways in which the picture might be improved. You give each person equal time and attention and that’s good. Your presentations are clear and easily understood. As you must know from the requests we all make of OLLI to have more photography classes taught by you, you have a strong and dedicated following.”  Dr. Agnes Doody 

“I really enjoyed the class and while some of it was a review on things I already knew, it placed those things in a fresh context as I found the "homework" assignments a lot of fun and a chance to creatively break out of the box. I really liked the review/critique of our homework shot in class on Mondays. Not only to get everyone's reaction to my shots but also to see the shots that the other members of the class took. I really loved some of the work and the approach the others took. I learned a lot from them as well as you.” Bob Carniaux

“Thanks, Jan! That is very helpful.  I thoroughly enjoyed your class and want to take every one you offer! The photos on your website are fabulous! You are very talented. See you next week!“ Denise Emond

“I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful class. My knowledge, understanding, confidence and enthusiasm for photography has grown leaps and bounds with your classes. The trip to the museum was the frosting on the cake.......SO much fun, and So many photo opportunities to be had there. Again, many thanks.” Gina Campbell

“Today's class was great! You are so  well organized, prepared and quite obviously knowledgeable. Thank you. I look forward learning how to see with you.” Gail Johnson

“The photo class lead by Jan Armor was such a treat. From the very start it was informative and fun. Jan's great sense of humor and creative eye inspired and challenged  me. I enjoyed the weekly assignments and sharing it with the others in class. This class ended up being more than just a tutorial but a bit of unexpected therapy. I am finding myself "seeing" life through a new lens allowing me to be more present " in the moment". I'm sad that the class has come to an end because I really enjoyed meeting with this group and Jan. Thank you for offering this class. It was a great experience.”  Sonja Lemoi

“I found Newport Ar t Museum’s Lightroom 3 class to be what I expected and more.   Lightroom 3 is a software that is difficult to explore on one’s own.  Jan Armor is a gifted teacher and guide through the interface of the software.  He is able to guide students with varying computer knowledge and camera knowledge allat the same time, and in the same class.  He patiently re-explains the points he made in the previous lesson to be sure everyone has mastered the skill and at the same time answers esoteric questions from some of the other students.  He even bakes and brings cookies to the first session!” Patty Weiss

“I found your classes very helpful and I was delighted that you will offer another digital photography next semester. Although I already knew most of the technical stuff you presented, I did learn much from your class. Your demo of portrait lighting was simple but was amazing to me. I now want to do more with portraits which I never wanted to do before. Aside from that, you have re-awakened a love for photography a had put aside and lost. I am looking forward to your next class.” Donald Farias

“Dear Jan,  Your work is gorgeous. It's a feast for the eye and mind! Thanks again for taking the time to photograph my work.”  Lisa May

“Hi Jan, I really loved the class.  You made it personal and fun. It got my creative juices flowing and made me think more about taking my pictures.  The input from my classmates was also very helpful. I truly enjoyed looking at their photos as it was inspiring to me to think of different ways to take photos.  So thanks, Jan. you are an excellent instructor,  you made it fun and real and specifically taught me to read my manual.  I am finding that it does help when you know your camera.”  Marilyn Moffatt

“Jan, I feel that you have taught me "how to see", supported me to find my vision, given me some technical mastery to use my camera, and shown me that my camera can convey what has touched me and that, for me, words cannot express. With a busy life often spent in my community, this class time has been my play time. Thank you for your generous spirit.”  Judy Webb

“You covered so much of this in class but now I can print the info and save to reinforce and remind the mind......  This has been a great class.  I know I speak for everyone when I say we are all sad to see it coming to an end.  Thanks for helping us think outside the box!  As you know I enjoyed the class and learned both how to use my camera but even better how to think about what makes an interesting photograph. Actually I had to rethink some "old rules" and not just go for the "get everything in the photo" mentality.  Liked the fact that the class included both classroom and actually taking pictures with comments from everyone.  We all want to think our pictures are great but looking at them through others eyes is a BIG help.  I feel like I have gone from kindergarten (before Yellowstone class) to maybe 3rd grade with a good base to build on.  At least now I can understand the manual!  Thanks for sharing your love of photography.  Would love to take a Lightroom or Photoshop class for beginners next fall.” Marcia Wirth

“Though not particularly interested in taking pic of myself, I took the Art of the Selfie because I wanted to learn more about using my camera and to become more confident with the self timer and emailing photos. I was also looking forward to meeting other like minded persons and leaning from Jan. All my goals were met, and then some. I found the weekly assign interesting and creatively inspiring and the weekly crit valuable learning tools. I found Jan’s teach style well paced, prodding but not pushy. He is able to beak down tech jargon and concepts to pedestrian level. Jan’s cases are fun and I look forward to he’s next class.”

"Hi Jan, Your class was just what I needed. I haven't used Lightroom for a long time, and this refreshed my memory for everything I used to do on a regular basis. Plus there were several new things that I had never used before. Your teaching style is excellent. And the pace is just right. You take questions but you don't go off on tangents and forget where you were originally headed. I've gone to a lot of training a over the years and I'm quite critical(in my own mind) of how they are run. Thanks for a great class.” Joanne Costanza

“Hi Jan, I just wanted to let you know I think the light room class has been excellent.  I think it was suitable for beginner's and experts alike.  You touch on so many details and nuances to the program.  I felt it was very valuable. Along with learning a lot in each class I had at least one ah ha moment in ever class that made something come out that I really needed to know for what I was currently working on outside of the class.  And sometimes I didn't even realize I needed to know it, but it just clicked in when it came up.  Thanks so much for all of the little tips and tricks.”  Jen

“Your photos are amazing and inspiring! It doesn't matter if it is a tree in South County, a mountain in some far away place or a person on the sea wall or on a NYC street, you put your heart and soul into every image. Thank you for sharing them with us.” Jill McLaughlin

"Dear Jan: Many thanks for a terrific photo class, my second with you. I enjoyed this class for several reasons. First, you create a congenial atmosphere for learning while asking us to stretch and learn through the class and homework assignments. It made us work and experiment in a directed way. You are correct in suggesting a longer class allowing us to practice and critique before going home to shoot photos during the week. Personally, I would enjoy a continuation of class one since I HOPE I've mastered the basics especially of using my camera after taking this class twice. HAHA !  And yet, I learned different things in this class that I will use on my upcoming trip to France & Italy. So many thanks as I said and especially for giving us confidence and reinforcing our love of photography." Luci Soares

"I just went to your website and it is simply amazing!  I just love the effect of some of those black and whites with the really smooth water…  really just lovely.   One of these days it is going to work out so that i am able to attend one of your classes I love the way you see and how you present.  Just lovely work." Karin Forde Whittemore

Jan is not only a superb photographer, but he is also a superb human being. These photographs were taken at his own expense to document the hunger problem in Rhode Island and to celebrate the folks who volunteer at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank to sort food for recipients. I love the camaraderie the photos illustrate. We all together in this world. We must help each other with the basic human need for food. Thank you to Jan for his allowing me to use his work for this issue. Take a look at Jan's other exquisite work on his website.

Thanks for an absolutely wonderful lesson yesterday!  I was really exciting!  I am trying to remember just everything you taught.
I’m afraid I didn’t grasp quite all.  You know so much.  Thanks for being patient and such a good teacher.  Best to you and Kathy…and Maggie, too.  Avis O'Neil