Your Amazing iPhone Camera
(and the equally amazing) "Photos" App

"Maggie Gets Some Air"

"Maggie Gets Some Air"

Visionary mobile photographer Chase Jarvis is often quoted to have said, “The best camera is the one you have with you.” That was true back in 2012, but is even more so now. We finally have an incredibly powerful way to make pictures, right in our pocket! Nowadays, these handy cameras, and the apps that enhance their potential, produce extremely good photographs.

For a while now my full frame Canon camera has been gathering dust. Ditto my digital darkroom, the expensive Adobe Lightroom app running on my iMac. Truly, things are changing…. The new Apple operating system offers a smooth workflow, efficient processing and convenient way to distribute your photographs. The handwriting is on the wall: the iPhone is making a photographer’s life easier. 

In this three session workshop I will show you how to get the most out of your iPhone camera AND how to process your images in many new ways. These will be the most informative three hours you will ever spend with your iPhone.

  • You will learn to make better pictures with your iPhone, like, “Wow, you took that with your phone?”

  • You will learn how to sync your “cloud” (Apple and/or Google) so images are safe and available across all your devices.

  • You will learn about the many hidden features in the amazing Apple “Photos” app.

  • How to move, share and save pictures back and forth from anything to anything, whether received via email, text or those existing oldies on your computer.

  • How to make unobtrusive candid images of life on the “street.”

  • How to create stunning landscape and architecture photos with your iPhone.

  • How to make good macro (close up) photographs with your iPhone.

  • How to fashion impressionistic (long exposures) with inexpensive apps.

  • You will learn how to produce high quality video clips and stills.

  • Use selected camera apps to extend control over your iPhone.

  • Use Snapseed and many other useful editing apps (usually ones easier and far less expensive than Adobe products)

  • Learn how to present your work to the world using many new tools.

  • Learn about handy iPhone gear and gadgets that can make mobile life easier.

  • You will get introduced to the new “augmented reality.” (It's coming.)


 Upcoming classes to be announced.

Contact me if you have any questions: or 401-441-5517
Please note: This is not a workshop on how to use your iPhone. It iS a workshop on how to make great pictures with the camera in your iPhone.    It is also NOT for Android users.