The Art Of The iPhone

It’s a new age. “It’s been said that the best camera is the one you have with you." and the phone in your pocket does indeed offer a spontaneous new way to make good pictures.

In this three session workshop you will learn how to create artistic photographs with the camera in your phone. 

You will also learn how to edit and process your images using Apple “Photos”, SnapSeed and other apps.

Elaboration —  If you have an iPhone and/or an iPad, you have a convenient and powerful tool for creating unique imagery. I will show you how to unlock the potential of these devices. Furthermore, with a rapidly growing number of photography "apps," the possibilities are seemingly limitless. Be inspired wherever you are. Learn how the portability and connectivity of these mobile miracles allow you to shoot, edit, and share your creations wherever you go. Join me for an inspiring photography experience. 

Workshop includes three (2) hour sessions, two in the classroom and one location photo shoot.