“At The Water’s Edge” 

Fine art landscapes in the setting sun and the after light 

with  Chris Alvanas • Jan Armor • Eric Hovermale


“A great image begins and ends with your vision. Vision is a tough concept to describe, but I think each of us instinctively knows how we want our image to look, and our job as an artist is to bring that image into compliance with our vision.  When we pursue an image with vision, then equipment and process becomes the servant and the creative process the master.  It’s only then that great images can occur." - Cole Thompson

This workshop focuses on creating beautiful minimalist photographs using both long exposure and compositional techniques in camera.

We will be using island, sky and water as well as ourselves to transform an emotional experience into a visual one. This class is not about making ‘pretty' pictures or ‘postcard’ like records of one’s travels. It is about making a deeper, more authentic connection to the land and it's surrounding waters, then learning to express that connection through our photography.

Saturday, May 24th - 4 PM 

(Begins in Wakefield for lecture, and photography in Jamestown)

Tuition Fee is $125 

Maximum of twelve intermediate and advanced photographers.

You will need your DSLR camera and a tripod for this class. You will need to know how to set aperture, shutter, and ISO. Optional - Neutral Density filter(s).

We believe feedback is important in order to grow as an artist. Since there is rarely enough time to appraise work immediately after a workshop, you are invited to have selected prints from your shoot evaluated on “Crit Night Get Together”on Tuesday, June 10, from 7 to whenever. We will offer constructive comments and real suggestions on how to make your pictures better. Refreshments will be served.  You can also post your best images to our Fine Art Student Work web pages.     Eric, Chris and Jan


Register by check made out to Jan Armor, 8 Indian Trail N., Wakefield, RI 02879

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