“Ephemeral Moments” 

Photographing life on the street with Jan Armor • Eric Hovermale • Chris Alvanas 

(Street photographs) “are about the ephemeral moment, not the epic but the lyric truth.”     John Szarkowski, MOMA


"Of all of the photographs I make, those taken on the street are the most satisfying to me. There is an authenticity about capturing the life that happens there. Like actors on a stage, the players move on and off the set quickly and one is challenged to save some of these brief appearances for posterity." - Jan Armor 

Truly, street photography is the perfect stage to fine tune your photographic abilities. You must look for and wait for the  moment when a story unfolds in a single frame. It is that elusive “Decisive Moment” that Henri Cartier-Bresson was always seeking.

We will begin in Wakefield with information and inspiration. We will discus the ethical aspect of this genre, the do's & don'ts and how to get over the fear of photographing strangers in the streets. From candid photos to street portraits, we will look at different ways to tell a story in a frame. We will offer suggestions on gear, and how we use it.

We will conduct our photo walk in Providence, exploring several neighborhoods that will provide a variety of photo opportunities. We will also discuss the psychology behind working on the street, picture composition, and lighting. You will learn how to approach and engage strangers. You will create portraits of those you encounter who catch your eye. You will learn how to see and capture gesture and expression. We think you will find this a demanding but very satisfying workshop.

Saturday, June 7- 10 to 3 PM  (Wakefield and Providence) Tuition Fee is $125  Maximum of twelve photographers. To register please call 401-441-5517 or email me at janthephotoman@gmail.com.

Class level is for intermediate and advanced photographers.  You will need your DSLR camera for this class.You will need to know how to set aperture, shutter, and ISO.

Feedback: We believe an honest review of your work is important in order to grow as an artist. Since there is rarely enough time to appraise work immediately after a workshop, you are invited to have selected prints from your shoot evaluated on “Crit Night Get together”on Tuesday, June 10, from 7 to whenever. We will offer constructive comments and real suggestions on how to make your pictures better using Lightroom.  Refreshments will be served. You will also be able to post your favorites to our Fine Art Photo Series - Student Work web pages for comments.     Jan, Eric, and Chris