The Rhode Island Food Bank is the place where 9.9 million pounds of food is distributed throughout our state. It goes to 178 member agencies, like Jonnycake in Wakefield. It serves up almost 19 million meals to people who are hungry. It helps serve 68,000 people every month. This is where your donation goes if you choose to make one. I say this would be a most worthwhile place to do so.

And here are the faces of some of the many volunteers at the RI Food Bank. In order of appearance, Dottie Villani, Lillian Farland, Michael Marandola, Bill and Judi Nievera, Mark Shackelford, Tom and Diane Bradley, Roland Cherella, Ruth Balzano,  and others. Many of these people have lent a helping hand at The Food Bank for many years, without compensation. These are the faces of men and women who are making a difference in Rhode Island.  And at the bottom of this page you will find a short slide show of this immaculately clean and well organized facility. Again, I would say here is a most worthwhile place to make a donation. So when the envelope comes in the mail asking for money,  think of these pictures and don't throw the envelope in the trash. Click to enlarge thumbnails.