Natural Light and Way Beyond with Bob Kidd


Comments on our last workshop:

Jan and Bob........................

Thanks for a wonderful class - I was once told that if you want to learn photograph - make friends with a good photographer. Great advise that has certainly worked for me as is evidenced by my time with you both.

Sandy Bowers

Jan and Bob..........................

Good Morning Jan, Really had a great time with you guys!! On Monday mornings before boot camp, i could not wait for Saturday's class. The whole concept of being out shooting with friends and talking photography is the ultimate inspiration to compose and search for one's "masterpiece".Left and Right brain seems to be coming together! The ability to duplicate what ones eye sees is becoming a reality more and more as i continue to press that shutter button.

Aside from camera basics, one has to learn to see what no one else sees before even looking thru the lens, i thank you for teaching us "how to see the light."   Joe Mansillio

........................ Jan and Bob are a terrific team, both are so knowledgeable and helpful with all aspects of photography,

from the bells and whistles of your camera to the art of taking pictures.

Once you understand the basics, they will take you on a journey of post production which includes a

tour of how "Lightroom" operates and enhances your photos.

 Fun, interesting and you will definitely learn something,  a five star rating!        Carol Chabot

An intensive workshop on how to use natural and flash light  that will make your hair stand on end!

Topics include:

AM - natural light, indoors and out

AM - Fill flash solutions

PM - Flash (speed) light indoors and out on and off camera

Balancing and bouncing light in and out

Shooting tethered

Light modifiers

When: November 16th, from 9 to 5

Where: ArmorPhoto in Wakefield

Small class: Maximum of 12 students


Register by email at

Light is one of the basic tools that we use to create photographs. used well the pictures will glow.  We'll teach you how.

Your instructors:

Jan Armor:  is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience in both image making and photo education. More about Jan on 99% of the images on Jan's website have been processed in Lightroom.  

Bob Kidd: is a working photographer with a vast pool of knowledge on all things technical, including flash lighting and storage solutions. website: