Painting Popeye-- 

I got my best shots early, when there were interesting clouds on the horizon. I had to tweak it (heavily) in Lightroom to produce the first one you see here. I like the BW version better than the color one, but hey, that's a personal pref. Unfortunately, we didn't get our flashlights in tune till the sky was bland.

#2 and #3 is also just ok. Both were very dark and had to be rescued in LR.

#4 The sky is gone just as we got all the flash light working. Too late!

Notice the boat is moving during the exposures... Not a good thing but this was just practice. If the boat had been up on shore, in the foreground of some pretty late light landscape it would have made for a better photo. 

Moral of this shoot,... Forget about seeing ghosts and get ready for your picture BEFORE the light goes away,,,, because it does disappear very quickly. We almost missed the best  of it.  We should have begun 10 minutes before we did instead of playing with ghosts.  Still, the first shot isn't bad but as I said, it took some tweaking in LR to get there. Click on a photo to see it enlarged then scroll. 

Scroll down to see the ghosts. As for the Garden Ghost, well, we were just playing around weren't we? My mama told me "There's no such thing as ghosts." But imagine if this technique was used in some old deserted house, or in front of a dark, dingy graffiti covered wall at Fort Adams. It could work.

Good links for inspiration:

You can click on a photo to see it enlarged.