"Seeing Well" at Blithewold Gardens & Arboretum


A photography workshop about making good pictures

This workshop is about training your eye to see well - making pictures that are interesting and emotive, using your eyes, your heart and your head.

The world is a chaotic place. Seeing well is about framing captivating compositions in the viewfinder. What you choose to include and exclude can transform your photographs from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Seeing well is about choosing your moment and your point of view. And of course, seeing well is about “seeing the light”.

Vision is everything.  Vision is seeing well, from first encounter with your subject to the final picture on the wall.

One photographer I know quotes the Rule of Thirds, “A great image is comprised of 1/3 vision, 1/3 the shot and 1/3 processing.”

This workshop is a fun and instructive evening in a spectacular location.