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Does your heart beat a little faster when you see an exceptional photograph, one that seems to tell a story? Do you appreciate pictures that have that certain something that separates them from the crowd? How refreshing when you do see one that makes you laugh, or makes you cry, or creates a question mark in your minds eye. Maybe even a story about something that really matters to you....

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Do any of your pictures do that? Do they tell a story?

This workshop will re-kindle your passion for photography and renew your creative spirit. It will help you develop your own personal style, and make you re-examine your creative process. 

Together we will explore the narrative, aesthetic, and emotional aspects of image making, and find new paths to creative growth. We will emphasize simplicity, and use of natural light. We will examine the work of several historically significant photographers. With practical demonstrations and creative exercises, you will find new ways to make pictures. The goal is to help you develop or refine your own personal style, and ultimately, to tell your own story. 

At its core, art is about using craft to convey something that feels very powerful and authentic about our human experience.