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This is the Sunday Friendship Breakfast

The photographs and text in this book capture both the spirit, beauty, and strength of the homeless community and the magnitude of the challenges faced by its members. These difficulties can seem so intractable that the only thing we know how to do is look away, or to donate time or money once and consider our moral duty dispensed with.  

Megan Smith, MSW, Outreach Program Manager, The House of Hope CDC

The Breakfast, as this is known, can be many things to many people. For those simply desiring a warm meal, they are served that and more, with appetizers, oatmeal, pastry, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and juice, followed by the main meal consisting of a heaping plate with eggs, sausage or ham, home fries, pancakes and French toast. The meal is homemade, fresh and nutritious, is served on non-disposable dish ware, and is almost always accompanied by live music. This is the Mathewson Street Sunday Friendship Breakfast.


Thank you Jan. Your work is so important to helping people "see" and "understand" the humanity in the people who find themselves homeless, and breaking the stereotypes and automatic judgments that are so pervasive.  It so beautifully lifts up the ministry at Mathewson, which continues to inspire me as a person of faith.                    

                                                 ~ Pastor Mary Hanson-Joyce


Good Day Jan! I just wanted to let you know that this was such a beautiful project and am commending you for your talent for bringing out the subject of homelessness in such a way that can be shared and hopefully change those more fortunate to lend a hand, or even recognize that homelessness can happen to anyone, and hopefully they will step up in their own communities to assist with this ongoing problem with our society. Praying that someday we win the war on homelessness and thank you for your thoughtful contribution to this cause!

Peace, Ann Senerchia,Council Member,Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd


Dear Jan, That is the most thorough explanation of homelessness I've ever read. Soulful pictures. A deep journey. Really moving. While I was reading through it I kept thinking you should be interviewed on NPR for this work...and NPR should offer a copy of the book or perhaps a print of some of the pictures for a fundraiser. I am inspired to help in some way.

                                                                                             ~ Barbara Crane


Hi Jan, The Sunday Breakfast Book is truly a magnificent treatise on the plight of the Homeless and Hungry people in our State and everywhere. You Nailed it 1000%! The interviews with those who are Homeless, and with those, like yourselves who tirelessly keep giving, give insight into a subject that many people are afraid to think about.You have captured the story , through your photography and trusting relationships with those you've met at Mathewson! I applaud you for all you have done for all these people who are in Need! Fantastic ebook,only you could create such a wonderful book!! Maybe the sale of this book will bring resources for those at the Church!, Thank you for being someone who makes a difference. I am proud to tell people that we are good friends, thank you for that!! Dr Joseph Mansolillo