"The Art Of Travel Photography"

with Jan Armor

Get beyond the postcard! Learn how to put your own spin on those frequently photographed landmarks. This one day photo workshop is designed for folks who want to make better travel pictures. We will cover photographing people, places and things. I will share tips and tricks that I have used while traveling through Africa, China, and many other wonderful places. We'll take a short "trip" together and project your work on the big screen, offering helpful suggestions on how to make your pictures better. Any camera will do for this class from a "Point and Shoot" to a digital SLR. However, you should be familiar with the controls, know how to set the ISO, aperture and shutter speeds. This class is sponsored by South Kingstown Parks and Recreation, aka "The Neighborhood Guild".

One session, Saturday, May 17, at 9 AM

Register at theSouth Kingstown Parks and Recreation, 325 Columbia Street, Peace Dale, RI 02883  Phone: (401) 789-9301  

$69 for members, slightly more for non-members

JAN ARMOR is a commercial and fine art photographer with many years’ experience in both digital and traditional media. Jan has received grants and awards for environmental photography and has taught at the Newport Art Museum, the Bristol Art Museum, and at Portsmouth and Tiverton arts organizations. For more about Jan, and his workshop offerings go to: http://www.armorphoto.com

Comments from students

Today's class was great! You are so  well organized, prepared and quite obviously knowledgeable.  Thank you. I look forward learning how to see with you. Gail Johnson

Hi Jan, Thanks for the class photo—a great group of classmates and you captured our fun (and freezing) with all our expressions.  Reflects some of the many things you have been teaching us about seize the moment and have your camera ready to go to take the best photos. Really liked your course and classmates, and looked forward to it each week.  I found it extremely helpful and interesting to review and critique the photos you received from class members each week, seeing photos you and your wife have taken (especially of people), and going on “photo shoots” together as a class.  In my evaluation of the class that Salve collected at the end of the course, I strongly recommended that they continue having you to present this and other photography related courses.  Hope to take another of your courses in the future.  Keep up the good work and fun!  And hope to see fellow classmates again too, with our cameras at the ready!  Thanks very much.  Sunny

Jan, I loved the class.  I wouldn't have taken it again had I not felt that I would gain by doing so.  I learned a lot.  I do think the classes should be longer and maybe at least two more sessions.  I like the homework because it made me think about using all the gismos on the camera.  I've really gotten a handle on what all the buttons are for.  I am really hoping that there will be an advanced class in the spring.  Thanks for everything!!  Susan

Dear Jan: Many thanks for a terrific photo class, my second with you. I enjoyed this class for several reasons. First, you create a congenial atmosphere for learning while asking us to stretch and learn through the class and homework assignments. It made us work and experiment in a directed way.  I HOPE I've mastered the basics especially of using my camera after taking this class twice. HAHA !  And yet, I learned different things in this class that I will use on my upcoming trip to France & Italy. So many thanks as I said and especially for giving us confidence and reinforcing our love of photography.  Best Regards, Luci Soares