“Everyone is creative. Everyone needs a creative outlet. You can learn to be more creative. The more you practice being creative the more creative you will become.” (JP Caponigro)

The Fine Art Photography Series

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Join us for a stimulating series of workshops with three accomplished fine art photographers, Chris Alvanas, Jan Armor, and Eric Hovermale. They will be your guides throughout. They will help you take your photography to a new level.

About the series: Our workshops will appeal to both sides of your photographer’s soul, heart and head, and will help you find your photographic “voice.” We will provide you with personal guidance, and be at your side when you need us. Each workshop addresses a different facet of the medium. Mastering each of them will help advance your photography. Click on each session to find out more.

The Portrait Workshop with Eric Hovermale, Chris and Jan

The Mobile Workshop with Chris, Jan and Eric

At The Water’s Edge - Landscapes with Chris, Jan and Eric

Ephemeral Moments - Street Photography with Jan, Eric and Chris

 Our goals for this series are:

To educate you in new ways to make photographs.

To introduce new technology and how it can further your vision.

To inspire you with great photography past, present, and future.

To provide you with useful feedback.

Details: We have structured a true workshop experience from inspirational and  informative lecture to hands on field instruction to classroom comments and critique. We will challenge you and provide useful feedback designed to help you strengthen your unique vision amid a supportive group of people who share your passion for our craft. You will be with a group of twelve like-minded classmates. A small group means personalized attention when you need it.

Further, we think you will find the synergy of three teachers to be especially fulfilling.  Even if you have taken other classes with any one of us in the past, you will find these team-taught workshops most worthwhile.

Image Review: We will offer several opportunities for you to receive an honest appraisal of the pictures you have taken during the workshops. Please note this evaluation won’t be the usual Face Book “like” so prevalent on the internet. Instead we will offer constructive comments and real suggestions for improving your work. 

Who should participate: With the exception of Mobile, our workshops are appropriate for photographers who consider themselves at an intermediate or advanced level. (Mobile is suitable for anyone who enjoys taking pictures with their phone.) Participants should own a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) and know how to set shutter, aperture, and ISO. If you are just beginning your photographic journey, consider private lessons prior to these offerings. 

Registration:  Each session is $125. The series of four is $450 ($50 discount). In order to reserve a place in any class payment must be included, by check or credit card (invoice using PayPal) with your contact information: name, address, phones, (including cell) and email(s). Checks should be sent to Jan Armor at 8 Indian Trail North, Wakefield, 0279. Be sure to indicate which workshop or workshops you wish to attend. Questions: call Jan at 401-783-8232 (h) or 401-442-5527 (m) or janthephotoman@gmail.com.

Refunds: You agree that we reserve the right to cancel a class if there is insufficient enrollment. Refunds as follows: !00% if class is cancelled. 90% for withdrawal at least two weeks prior to the first session. No refunds or credits after two weeks before the start of the class. 

Your leaders are Chris Alvanas, Jan Armor and Eric Hovermale, three accomplished fine art photographers. Each has won numerous awards, each is respected by their peers, and each is a motivated teacher. They will convey their knowledge and love of photography. They will help you become better, no matter your present level of accomplishment, and no matter what kind of photography you like to do.

Chris Alvanas is a digital artist and an accomplished post-production retoucher for high-end beauty and fashion. As a photographer, Chris is known for his imagery of jazz music and dance by illustrating the musician’s relationship with the instrument, and the motion of the dancer. His recent Washington, DC exhibit featured still images from his documentary “TAPS”. Chris also is a popular speaker on post-production beauty retouching, HDR and fine art printing.

As a filmmaker, Chris uses a multi-genre approach: the photographer’s eye and the musician’s ear. He believes the addition of video and music offer exciting opportunities in cinematic storytelling for the contemporary photographer. Most recently Chris has a concentrated body of work in the mobile photography area and has lectured on the topic as well.

Chris’s work has been featured in such magazines as Shutterbug, Nikon World, Popular Photography, and on the Nikon Pro website. His articles have appeared in After Capture magazine and he has been a featured speaker at DC  FotoWeek and Foto Fusion. He has been a speaker at Photo Plus Expo, PMA and FotoFusion. Chris instructed for the Nikon Mentor Series, and was the Director of Photography at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Washington, DC.

Web:  www.lightyearimaging.com

Blog: chrisalvanas.wordpress.com

Email: chrisalvanas@me.com

Video: www.youtube.com  & www.vimeo.com

Jan Armor is an award winning fine art photographer and teacher professionally involved for over thirty years. He loves the medium as much now as he did when he was a teen. Jan says, “ I have a seeking eye. I love beauty and form and shape and line and texture. I love motion; I also love symmetry. I love color and contrast: black and white, sharp and soft, happy and sad. I love thoughtfulness and intention. I love the effort to communicate something profound through photography. I am known for my easy going but fully committed teaching style. My workshops are informative experiences that will challenge participants.” 

Web: http://www.armorphoto.com

Email: janthephotoman@gmail.com

Eric Hovermale lives and works in Newport, RI. Although he studied to be a painter, he has concentrated on fine art photography for the past several years. His images center principally on the figure and on the portrait, and have won numerous awards. His work has been shown at the Providence Art Club, the Mystic Arts Center, the Newport Art Museum, and many other venues throughout New England.

Web: http://erichovermale.com

Email: ehovermale@cox.net