The Tom Tetzner Tour

Snowy Egret preening

Tom is terrific... not more than 30 seconds into our walk down the bay side of Napatree Point he spotted a couple of Osprey overhead. This was a prelude to a morning of birding with Tom. He spied a Blue Heron across a breachway that it took me 5 minutes to get into focus. Everywhere we went Mr. Tetzner kept up a running dialogue of advice on when to see what where. He showed me the fox den on a sand dune, he introduced me to the Fish and Wildlife Wardens, and could ID every darn bird that flew by. Tom just knows what's going on with the wildlife in South County. It was a great morning with a man who I would call, "The Bird Magnet." Take the tour, you won't be sorry. Contact: or Face Book him: "Thomas James Tetzner. Click this link to see more  pictures from yesterday morning... that's the way it was.  Tom Tetzner