The way he was yesterday.

I have always loved "street" photography the best. It combines so many skills all at once, from the technical to the artistic, including documentary, portraiture, even "spy" photography. You need a sense of humor, a bit of voyeurism and a sharp eye for composition.

"Not sure I'll make eighty."

So I have been using the sea wall at Narragansett Beach as the ever changing "stage" upon which my "players" appear (and rapidly disappear).  I love the challenge of making pictures that are both truly candid (the subject is unaware), to the honest but often less than natural images that result from asking my subject, "Hey, can I take your picture for my book?" (This is is a true statement, btw, as "Seen Along the Sea Wall" is coming along nicely, and will also be a video.)  

Take this elderly gentleman for example. He did not object to having me take his picture. He was obviously very comfortable in his skin. He was actually flattered that I would ask. I walked by at first, nodded hello, but having observed his tanned body, and ample belly, hanging out there on the sea wall for all the world to see, that I did a 360 and asked permission to make his portrait. He agreed, and after we had a brief conversation about getting old. He told me he was approaching eighty, and wasn't sure he would make it. We commiserated together about aching backs, and sore knees. It was a short but wonderful little opportunity to connect with another human being, albeit for just a few moments. I like this portrait very much, but regret that I never asked his name...  Click to see larger.