Inspiration 2014

The New Year Dance

I woke up uninspired but so wanted to be  (for the first photographs of the year). Nothing seemed to get me going. I went for a walk but nothing caught my eye. All day blank. I desperately needed to "stand in front of something interesting" but my eyes and heart were blind.  No vision.  And as the day wore on it just seemed to be the way it was going to be on January 1st, 2014.

Into the evening and still "visionless" until I switched the channel to a Viennese concert and ballet performance. The music were so beautiful,  the dancers so graceful, an inspiration. How could I resist trying a few exposures. These at about ¼ second exposures looked nice. I kept shooting and when I brought them into Lightroom I was actually pleased. Ballet, the way it feels to me.

A short slide show here.