This is the way it is at the Mathewson Street Methodist Church.

Pictured at left: "Norman, the man who pours bottomless cups of coffee"

Scott Budnick and his band of merry volunteers are amazing! These good folks at the Sunday Friendship Breakfast “soup kitchen” serve way more than soup. By 6:30 AM the place is humming with sounds of pans banging, knives chopping, potatoes frying and people laughing. The radio is on and some sing along. The spirit of camaraderie and good intention is in the air. They work hard. It’s controlled chaos, maybe even a mini miracle when it all comes out. The troop delivers a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, home fries, and sausage to hundreds of hungry homeless people. And yes, they also serve up friendship. Not only does this meal provide sustenance but also is an opportunity for human contact and conversation. It is a chance to make friends and talk with the volunteers and among themselves in a safe, warm place. The Sunday Friendship Breakfast has become a refuge for the many homeless men, women and children in Providence, due in no small part to the hard work of these volunteers and Pastor Jack Jones. Click to enlarge photos below and hurray for volunteers.