The way it was on Thanksgiving, 2014

Like most of us, this time of year has me counting my blessings, which are many. And like most of us, it is also about this time every year when the solicitations begin to appear in the mailbox, many of which are worthy causes. These requests are perfectly timed, for sure. There is one we just received that calls out to Kathy and I because we have seen where the money goes. It is the RI Community Food Bank.  Words cannot convey how impressed I am by this organization. 

The Food Bank’s efforts touch the lives of so many people on the edge.They truly make a difference. I’ve seen it first hand because I have been photographing for several organizations that work with the “food insecure” of Rhode Island. Here are a few pictures of people who use places like the Jonnycake Center’s Food Pantry, or the Sunday Friendship Breakfast at the Mathewson Street United Methodist Church in Providence. These centers and many others across our state distribute food from the Bank. You can go to the Food Bank’s website to read just how many tons of food goes out their door each year. Amazing work.

I visited the RI Food Bank this spring and did photos of the volunteers and the facility itself. It is impressive. I’ve included a couple of shots here. Unlike some of the organizations where I really wonder just how much of my donation is actually used to do something worthwhile, I can tell you that giving a few of your hard earned dollars to RI Community Food Bank will end up feeding hungry people and doing good works. I’ve seen the people who depend on this food. I’ve seen their smiles and heard their thanks. So after I count my blessings today, I plan to write another check to the Bank. Happy Thanksgiving.