The way it is when one school girl reached out.

From FB friend Janet Malenfant:  "We became involved through our daughter... in the weeks after 9/11 we saw something on the news about family shelter donations declining because everyone was donating to the Red Cross. She asked 'What can we do to help?' ... and then she came up with a scheme to go xmas caroling in the neighborhood, ask for money and xmas gifts for the kids. She made up flyers and I printed them and she and her friends distributed them. 

Hannah did this for 8 years until she went to college. She raised over $16,000 over those years, gave the shelter about 90 bags of clothing and collected books and gift cards for teens who are often overlooked at the holidays. She won several awards for her service and her story helped her to get into college. She was and is a pretty remarkable young woman!"

Indeed she is, Janet. This inspiring story is a good illustration of how just one person can make a difference.