Alone on Christmas Day, the way it was for Roth

I received this poem from Roth Frias today. He has been on and off homeless for several years.

Do You Want To Hear My Story?

"Christmas day, all day snow, all day sheltered in the chapel of the mission.  5:00 chapel sermon, missing family in was hard not to weep.  I wasn't alone.  Many of us had no choice,  we stayed.  Showing tears was the only reason you could run out for a sec.  Some braved it out and wept.  Wasn't the saddest day of my life but it was hard.  This poem was written for Christmas Day."






For all the lonely people

who seeks company in December snow

We mingle in church and meetings

With~out the song of conversation

When words fill the air

laughter radiates in my mind

It is time 

to reveal a smile

knowing it is lost 

in the crowd

I am safe and secure

for if I cry

it will be lost

in air filled words

In this empty 

crowded room


January 24, 2014

Providence Rescue Mission

Cranston, RI