Needed - WARM CLOTHES - the way it is.

Hurray! We have had a nice warm spell for the holidays this year. No snow yet and temps even in the fifties. However, we all know what’s coming with the winds of January and February. The thermometer begins it’s irrevocable dip into the teens and single digits and the snow begins to fall. Baby, it gets cold down here on Indian Lake. 

With this in mind, Kathy and I are collecting warm clothes, beginning right now. 

We have been working with and photographing the homeless men, women and children in Providence for a while now. Although we have no religious affiliation with the Mathewson Methodist Church in downtown Providence, Kathy and I have been volunteering at their Sunday Friendship Breakfast. Every month this church feeds and (briefly) shelters over 800 folks in need. We have seen first hand how very difficult it is to be homeless and how desperately important warm clothes are for people who must spend long hours on the street. I have watched one young man actually stretch one watch cap over another then pull a hoodie over both to ward off the cold.

If you have any winter clothing, jackets, shirts, pants, gloves, hats, socks, etc, that will protect against the cold, please drop off at my garage door and we will distribute your donation to folks in Providence who need it. 

Believe me, any warm clothing you donate will be greatly appreciated. Please wrap your donation in a garbage bag and leave at our garage door. We live at 8 Indian Trail North, the corner of Arrowhead and Indian Trail, the gray house with low stone wall and brown garage door.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,

Jan and Kathy Armor