Alone is the way it is.

Many of the homeless folks I meet at the Sunday Friendship Breakfast are alone. They come in alone and leave alone so this is an opportunity for a person to sit and get a decent meal in a warm place. It is also a chance to talk with the other people at the table, maybe make friends. And sometimes it is a chance to talk with me. I am beginning to learn the names of some of the regulars and can greet them by their name. When I approach I smile and ask if I can take their picture. Some people decline or turn away but many of my subjects agree. I think they are actually flattered that someone has noticed them, probably a rarity when you are on the street. Both of us see this picture as an opportunity to connect for a few moments. This is the way it is in the church hall on Mathewson Street on a Sunday morning.

Here is a portrait of soft spoken Steve. He usually is one of the first to arrive and sits at the same place. We have talked a couple of times. He told me he lost his job with the Postal Service as they cut back. I doubt it has been easy for him. Click to enlarge, and please share this post.