Making a difference in Peace Dale, R.I.

Jonnycake Center, Peace Dale, R.I.  

Volunteers are making a difference

Everywhere I look, eyes wide open, I find good people doing good works. Unheralded, they do unglamorous things like collect clothing, distribute food, deliver meals to shut ins, give elderly folk a lift to the doctor, answer fire alarms, man suicide hot lines, and on and on. They do important things. And do them willingly, tirelessly, for little or no pay, usually the latter. They are part of an invisible web of much needed assistance to those who are in need. They are the silent safety net.

On my first day of this new photo project, I met one such man whose name is David Olguin. He runs the food pantry at the Jonnycake Center, in Peace Dale, Rhode Island, and he runs it with a passion. He is making a difference, a big one. He and his army of volunteers distribute good nourishing food to folks who cannot always afford it. Some days he works with high school volunteers, teaching them about nutrition… and life. Sometimes he delivers it to low income kids in day care programs. He buys, inspects, picks up, organizes and works to make a difference. David, I salute you and the many men and women down at the pantry.

Below photos of Christian and Sandy work the Saturday flea market while David and two volunteers from the local high school distribute food at the Jonny Cake Center and Food Pantry. Click to enlarge.