Thayer Street on Saturday, June 7th, 2014

A portrait from our “Ephemeral Moments” Street Photography, last in the series of workshop with my friends Eric Hovermale and Chris Alvanas. Here is a slice of life on Thayer Street, Providence, RI. Along with the photos I will soon post from the students, I've posted my B&W and color on "Jan on Thayer". So here is my take on what it looked like there, a testament to our times. 

She said, "I want to be a photographer someday." I said, "You can."

The photographs were made with a Canon 6D, 17 to 105mm lens. The camera was set to ISO 800 on a bright sunny day, aperture priority mode,  f/11. Multipoint autofocus was on. Lots of depth of field, fast shutter  speed. Simple…. nothing to think about but the moment. We met many nice folks.Students switched off and had a chance to work with each of us. I shot both portraits like this one of Sarah and fleeting moments when my subjects were unaware they were having their picture made. I handed out many business cards and promised anyone who responds to send them a photo, and I will. All were processed in Adobe Lightroom.