The way it is in Rhode Island

This is the way it is in Rhode Island in 2014… lots of people going hungry. We have a problem. There is a real need for food assistance here in our little state.

This need is at the highest level on record. These are children, the elderly and the working poor who are going hungry. They are not so sure where they will get their next meal. They need our help.

Luckily, the good folks at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank are answering the call. The staff and the many volunteers provide food to people in need. Until I visited recently, I was only dimly aware that this organization existed. I did not really appreciate the scope of their mission and what they do. I was amazed. 

These are the faces of some of the many people who volunteer there. In order of appearance, Dottie Villani, Lillian Farland, Michael Marandola, Bill and Judi Nievera,  Tom and Diane Bradley, Roland Cherella and Ruth Balzano.  Also pictured is staffer Mark Shackelford other faces at the Food Bank.  Many have been lending a hand for many years. These are the men and women who are making a difference in Rhode Island. Click to enlarge thumbnails and slide down to see the RI Food Bank slide show.

The Rhode Island Food Bank is the place where 9.9 million pounds of food is distributed throughout our state. It goes to 178 member agencies, like The Jonnycake Center, in Wakefield. The need for food assistance remains at near record-high levels. The Food Bank is currently serving 63,000 people per month through its statewide network of food pantries. That’s nearly double the number of people served in 2007, before the recession, when the Food Bank was serving 33,000.

When a solicitation comes in the mail asking for a small donation, think of these pictures and don't throw the envelope in the trash. 

Below a slide show of theRI Food Bank. It is impressive, very well organized and immaculately clean. The staff and volunteers are dedicated. Their reach is state wide and many faceted. Take a look.