Nicole showed up, that was way it was Sunday morning.

At 6 AM Sunday morning, Nicole showed up in an SUV crammed full of warm clothing.  Boy, did she ever! There was barely room for the kids. These donations were for the folks that come to the Sunday Breakfast. These clothes are much needed here in Providence. They will keep people warm.

This act of kindness once again shows how one thing can lead to another. And it  illustrates how we all can make a difference if we decide to do something. Most of the people who come to this meal are living on the edge. Nicole saw the need from my postings on Face Book and she spread the word in her neighborhood. Together with daughters Keegan and Addi, Nicole gathered a enormous amount of clothing from generous neighbors. Although one might never know it from way down here in South County, these donations are much needed in the city, and greatly appreciated by all who take them. 

Look at these photos from yesterday. These are pictures of people helping people in need. Thank you so much, Nicole and daughters for your efforts here. And thanks also for putting on aprons and serving the morning meal. You have truly made a difference.

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