The best of times and the worst of times, the way it is

It was a madhouse at Sunday Friendship Breakfast soup kitchen yesterday. Kevin Donahue and his friends at Habitat For Humanity had donated two large bags for the folks who come to the breakfast. Men and women were lined up waiting to get at them. The coats, backpacks, and other clothing were gone in 10 minutes, as you can see from the photos. Much appreciated. Thanks again, Kevin, for your donations!!!

As I looked out on the sea of homeless and hungry folks in the room I found myself getting a little depressed. I couldn't help but reflect on the magnitude of the need right here. Then I multiplied it times all the cities in Rhode Island, and again times all the cities in the US. Poverty seems to be an impossible problem. True, gathering clothes and serving breakfasts are most worthy efforts but really they are just bandaids. How do you end poverty?  

Click to enlarge pictures of folks receiving clothing donations: