Midnight Moments, the way it was on Saturday morning...

You could say Ralph and Rose are married, but not to each other. Instead, they are married to the idea that it is worth it to help those who have been left behind.

They cruise the grittier streets of Providence every Wednesday evening and every Saturday morning with a station wagon crammed with food and white socks. A sign on the side of the car says, “Prayer and more.” More for sure. I think Ralph said. they have been doing this for many years now. They look for people who are alone, who are wandering the streets. The look in abandoned houses, or under overpasses, or behind dumpsters. They seek out the people who are pretty invisible to most of us. 

They call themselves “Midnight Moments”. (His email is mmouthreach@yahoo.com).They make roast beef, meatball and P & J sandwiches in they own kitchens. They cook up a hearty beef stew when it is cold. They buy socks and bananas with their own money. They sometimes get donations from supermarkets and bakeries. They stop whenever they see someone that looks like they are in need, and they ask, “Are you hungry?” or “Would you like a sandwich? or “Do you need a pair of socks?” This is how Ralph and Rose make a difference. They reach out.

For me, going out with Ralph and Rose  was, you could say, and “eye-opening experience”. Riding with these two gentle souls was really much than that. The couple of hours I spent with them were truly amazing. They are an inspiration. No one asked them to do this. They just saw the need and did it. They have been helping the homeless in their spare time, mostly with their own money for years.

Ralph told me what he is really hoping for is “duplication”, meaning, he hopes others might duplicate what they are doing.  Writing a check once in a while is fine but what he hopes is  that you might keep food or socks or blankets in your car and when you see a homeless person you pull over a pull over and ask, “Hey, do you need a blanket, or maybe a pair of socks?” He is hoping you will reach out. Not just once, but whenever you see someone in need. He hopes lots of folks duplicate what he and Rose are doing.

I recorded in pictures a tiny bit of Midnight Moments.I was quite moved.

Take a look here:  Maybe you can buy some white socks for someone who could really use them...

Ralph Davis and Rose Preston of Midnight Moments.

Ralph Davis and Rose Preston of Midnight Moments.