Ralph and Rose' Way -- Midnight Moment Outreach

Ralph Davis and Rose Preston are the real deal. They are making a difference, helping people they find wandering the streets of South Providence. They look in abandoned buildings, and beneath the overpasses of the city. They look for people who are hungry and cold in  empty parking lots, even behind dumpsters. I went out with them one Saturday and recorded their morning routine, one they have continued to do for years, rain or shine, two days a week. When they see a lonely man with a backpack or a tired woman carrying a garbage bag, they pull their Subaru up to the curb and Rose  asks gently, "Hi there, are you hungry?" And so goes another "Midnight Moment", helping folks that could use a little help, making contact with people who are pretty invisible to most of us. They hand out meatball sandwiches and hope. Or soup and conversation, maybe an encouraging word or two. All on their own dime. Theirs is a truly inspirational commitment.

Below, you can watch a short video that begins with pictures of Ralph and Rose in action along with an informational skit on what it is like to be homeless. Ralph should know, he's been there.