A year at the Sunday Friendship Breakfast

Dear Kathy, As I think back over our work at the Sunday Friendship Breakfast, I cannot think of a more rewarding year in my life, working with the homeless and needy. Sometimes it feels like we are just sticking our fingers in the dike, you and I, holding back the flood of needy folks out there. Other times, no.most times I come home thinking, “There go I but for the grace of God.” So many people so alone and so out of luck. But I believe that our time spent volunteering in Providence has helped in some small way. I think we’ve made a difference. And I cannot help but wonder why, in our society, do we (still) have so many people just barely get by. The first day I walked into the Breakfast I expected to find “ a few” homeless people there, maybe 50 or 60… not 300. I am saddened by the mental illness and substance abuse, discouraged by the lack of opportunity, and exasperated by the politics of poverty that we find. All that said, I have hope, and I am so glad we did it. When you asked me, after the first Sunday, “Are you going back?” and I answered “Yes.” I had no idea that this year would be like no other in my life, and how fulfilling 2015 has been with you at the Sunday Friendship Breakfast.
I love you. Happy New Year. Jan