Walmart is hiring

I've been waiting to comment on this picture that has been shared with the intent being humorous and probably spurred by some underlying frustration.  Today is the day to serve up a little reality.  Here are my questions for the Walmart guy:  1) Will you hire him if he doesn't pass a background check or has committed a felony?  2) Will you provide him clothes to work in and when those get dirty will you help him get them washed or do you think that first paycheck will pay for an apartment, utilities, appliances, and laundry detergent?  3) Will you immediately pay for any healthcare including mental healthcare he needs?  With medications?  4)  Will you keep him as an employee if he has an exacerbation of PTSD, anxiety, schizophrenia, or anything else while at work?  5) Will you have someone watch his only earthly possessions while he is working so no one steals them?  6) Will you provide childcare or transportation or a bed for a good night's sleep or food to sustain him while he works?  (I could go on...)  Maybe the answers are "yes."  If so, kudos to you and I will be bringing a large number of friends to apply for every opening you have.  If not, hmmmm.... the "just get a freaking job" argument is not so easy to quip, is it?  Many of those who are homeless do work or want to work.  Many can't.  It is truly not a simple fix.  Judging them helps in no way at all!  Some homeless hold signs... One of the reasons is because people don't talk to them.  (I am fully aware there are bogus people out there plying on sympathies who hold signs and don't have legitimate needs.... I actually don't advocate for giving cash to those "flying signs.") My point is, "just get a damn job" is not simple.  Please take some time to understand some of the most devastating underlying issues.  These are people with feelings and worth.  Please treat them like it!!