Bobby and Snoopy

Sunday night, February 28, 2016 at 11:30 PM Bobby wanted to talk. He asked me to take a picture of Snoopy, which I did. Kathy gave Bobby a sausage to give to Snoopy. He told us he got Snoopy just after he got out of the hospital. He mentioned he was there because he had to have several toes amputated. Frost bite? Diabetes? He did not say. He said he has been on the street for years. He isn’t allowed to bring Snoopy into the shelters so they usually sleep outdoors. He also mentioned he could not read or write. I was surprised because he is articulate, and has a good vocabulary. I asked him why. He said he was severely dyslexic and had been all his life. He told us they tried to teach him to read using “mirror” books but it didn’t work. He told us they panhandle to survive, and he had a license to do it. He said he is not an “aggressive" panhandler, like some people. He just sits on the sidewalk and hopes somebody will give him a dollar. I told him I would bring his picture next week. I can’t get them out of my mind. I keep thinking how hard it must be for them. I wonder where they are right now. I wished I had given him a dollar but I never thought of it because Bobby didn’t ask.