The way it was at the Washington County Fair

Joe and I shot the Washington County Fair on Friday afternoon. It was a perfect day, and the place was humming, rides, animals, and especially the people. Boys meeting girls, old folks, 4 H kids, etc, etc. It was a street photographer's paradise. I used my old Canon 50 mm F/1.8 lens, (too cheap to buy the f/1.4). It was the first time I had done any street photography with this lens, in the past I relied on either my tele zoom or the wide angle zoom, both of which are fine but yield different results. The 50 necessitates getting closer, and it has a different point of view. Shooting at f/4 means you have shallow depth of field, and nice bokeh which is a double edged sword. Lots out of focus but I managed to nail some too.These remind me of my pictures from the 60's, with the NikonF that was built like a tank. I really like the look of these but I am glad I'm using a digital camera with Lightroom. Couldn't have done it as well had I been using film. I would have been in the darkroom for days, and would never been able to explore the many possibilities, or tweak like I have done with these. Below, two favorites, and if you care to see more go here: