The Way It Was in Fall River yesterday.

The good folk of Fall River, Ma, hosted The Great Feast Of The Holly Ghost yesterday on a perfect summer day. The Bodo de Leite and Ethnographic Parade ran from the Gates of the City to Kennedy Park. It was a delightful display of Portuguese pride. Sweet bread and milk was distributed to all present, in honor of the Holy Spirit. Needless to say, the wine also flowed and Chiorizo sandwiches were everywhere. These are a gentle and hardworking people celebrating their heritage.

Again, I used my "Nifty Fifty" millimeter lens on my Canon D6, Aperture preferred, set to F/5.6 for all. The camera is light and relatively unobtrusive, very good for street photography. The focal length means I had to zoom with my feet. To some photographers this is scary because it means you have to get close. But closer is often better. (Robert Capa's quote comes to mind, "If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough.") Well, I was pretty close. I could smell the sausage cooking and almost felt as if I was in the parade, not just an observer. I do like the look of these images and would appreciate your comments.

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